Lawn Mowing: “How often & how high?” Some helpful advice!


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Lawn Mowing: "How often & how high?" Some helpful advice!

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I'm frequently asked questions about the cutting height and frequency of mowing your lawn. So, in addition to our useful tips for lawn care guide, below are some pointers that help you.

What is a Lawn?

First, we should remember that a lawn is made up of a lot of "plants". These plants were not designed to be "cut" on a regular basis and as such, we need to think about what we're doing in order to prevent damage, which will detract from the look of your lawn.

As we approach summer (we say hopefully!), we can expect higher temperatures and somewhat fierce radiation. Grass plants use the shiny effect of the leaf to help deflect this problem and also use the leaves to form a thermal layer close to the ground (a little like insulation) which helps prevent moisture loss.

If we cut the grass too short, we can seriously damage it, causing it to go into dormancy much quicker and sometimes causing plant death. So, now is the time to consider raising the cut height of your mower in order that you help protect the grass throughout the warmer and drier period that may well come (we hope!).

For cutting your lawn, we'd suggest:

  • 25-30mm minimum cutting height - this will be to the higher end of the cutting adjustments, and
  • Try to avoid cutting on hot days

We're also experiencing rapid lawn growth at the moment. If this is causing problems, we can significantly reduce this growth using growth regulators. If you'd like to discuss, drop me a line on 01920 461 958! This is also very useful if you are going on holiday and want to prevent seriously tall grass growing by the time you return!

On a different note, we are currently pressure washing patios, driveways and paths, ready for the summer. Is yours looking nothing like it was when you first had it installed? A power clean can bring it back to its former glory, so let me know and I can provide a quotation. Click here to visit our contact page.