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Lawn Moss Control Services

Many lawns contain an element of moss - this can be a temporary problem following drought or water logging; or lawn moss may be more persistent, suggesting a problem with underlying conditions.

There are many reasons why moss might infiltrate both new and established lawns and these often relate to poor vigour of the grass, caused by:

Where there is a significant amount of moss, it creates a compact layer that prevent good moisture and air flow into the soil and has a serious impact on the health of the grass plants by suffocating them.

Killing and removing moss is a large part of our service offering. Our moss control and removal services start by analysing why the issue exists. Then we can suggest a simple way forward so that we can reduce the moss currently there but also help to prevent moss ingress in the future. Often there are issues such as large trees that do make this a challenge but there is much we can do with the grass to help keep the moss levels low.

Moss Treatment Types

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Generally speaking, when there are significant levels of moss, we will need to remove them physically by scarifying. This is a process where we use a mechanical rake to comb the moss out of the grass. We will then bag it up and will remove it from your property, so you do not have to worry about it.

Here we are scarifying a significant amount of moss, out of a lawn on North Hertfordshire. It does look to be a very robust process but once the moss is removed, the lawn will recover very quickly and will be in much better condition.

If conditions and time allow, we will dehydrate the moss first using either carfentrazone of iron sulphate which means it is easier to remove and causes less physical stress to the grass plants.

After we have scarified, we can overseed if the conditions are right which is a good opportunity to get fresh "genetic" into the lawn in the form of bright, green new varieties of amenity grass.

We will then suggest a programme as to how you can help with the management of the lawn so that the problem is much less likely to occur.

Contact us, call us on 01920 461 958 for some friendly advice on what to do next or request a quote. If you've never heard about us before, find out more about us.


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