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About Perfect Ground Solutions
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About Perfect Ground Solutions

Perfect Ground Solutions is an independently owned company, based in Ware, Hertfordshire. This means that we have the ability to be flexible when we need to be and can alter what we do to suit each different season and soil type.

Whether it’s your garden, sports surface or a local amenity area, we can help. Our proven expertise and professional skills cover a range of services, including:

With many years experience in managing all forms of grass, you can rest assured that all aspects of lawn management and sports surface maintenance are taken care of by friendly, trained and qualified staff. We work alongside many grounds maintenance companies and landscapers, offering advice and help as required and we also pride ourselves on the relationship that we build up with all our private a commercial clients. Best of all, we offer total flexibility, planning with you to make sure that we deliver a programme suited to your requirements, timescale and budget.

Our experienced team can deal with a range of garden-related issues. If your lawn is looking patchy, worn and dis-coloured or you're not sure when to re-turf your garden, please give us a call on 01920 461 958 or request a quote to arrange a FREE comprehensive, no-obligation assessment where we can identify your specific lawn treatment requirements.

Our detailed knowledge of plant physiology and herbicide use has enabled us to help many clients with a common sense approach to weed control.

Perfect Ground Solutions also constructs or renovates many lawns, this may involve removing or importing soil, turfing and/ or overseeding. We often work with landscapers or developers to install lawns after construction works. We pride ourselves in taking time to look at the soil structure and texture and advise accordingly on how best to move forward. The soil under lawns is often ignored or mistreated, aerating in wet conditions is common place but is one of the most damaging things that can be done.

Perfect Ground Solutions also carries out a range of activities to sports surfaces including cricket wicket renovation, selective herbicides to and fertiliser applications to football or rugby pitches, coordination of vertidraining and associated activities as well as goal mouth construction/renovation.


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About PGS

Perfect Ground Solutions is and independently owned company. This means that we have the ability to be flexible ...