Weed Control


Weed control and removal, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire

Weed Control and Removal

The Term “Weed control” covers a wide range of activities carried out by Perfect Ground Solutions Ltd.

If we take a simple definition of a weed as “a plant that is in the wrong place”, we can see that weed control can mean different things. The term covers eradication, control and management of anything from small weeds on drives and patios to large shrubs such as buddleia, from nettles to Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed and most common for use, selective weed control in areas such as sports pitches and grassland where we are looking to remove the broad-leaved weeds without harming the grass.


Vegetation Management

Over recent years, Perfect Ground Solutions has become involved in the management of vegetation on larger properties where pernicious weeds have become a problem and the client has wanted to put in place a programme to reduce these weeds and encourage a more diverse plant population. This we have done on footpaths, in ancient woods and on river banks. After careful though and planning, we use a variety of different herbicides and application techniques and over several years, can make a huge difference to the aesthetic nature of an area.

Vegetation management Essex


Vegetation Control/Eradication

This term would include removal of troublesome plants such as Giant Hogg Weed, Japanese Knotweed and Buddleia. Bamboo is starting to fall into this category and can be the most challenging. Again, we use a planned approach and a range of herbicides, application techniques and timings which may well vary depending on the weather each year to best achieve our objectives


Selective Weed Control

Selective weed control is where we are removing broad leaved weeds mainly from grassland. This includes all sorts of grass from paddocks to lawns to sports pitches. Again, there is a wide range of chemistry that we can use and we will match the chemistry to the weed species and timing to make sure that we carry out the work in the safest manner for the environment and making sure that the weeds are controlled. The application methods will vary somewhat depending on the density of the grass, the type and size of weed and the weather conditions.

Selective weed spraying Essex

Total Weed Control or Hard Surface Weed Control are terms used to describe the killing of all weeds on paths, patios, kerb sides etc. Generally, this would involve a glyphosate based product which has been in the news a lot of late. At this point, we should be aware that the rules governing the use of pesticide products in the public arena are incredibly stringent. If there is any perceived risk to either the operator, the public or the environment, the chemistry would be withdrawn immediately. This has happened to many products over recent years as out understanding of chemistry has improved. However, at this time, there has been no scientific evidence at all relating to glyphosate not being safe to use.

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