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    Lawn Seeding/Overseeding

    Perfect Ground Solutions sources a variety of grass seed types from a range of Grass Seed Companies. We make sure that in all cases, the seed we use is on the highest quality with the correct varieties chosen to suit the type of work undertaken. New varieties of grass are constantly coming to market and we keep regularly up to date with Grass Seed Specialists to make sure that we can bring the best innovations to our clients.

    There are many interpretations of seeding or overseeding but whether you are installing a new lawn or renovation/overseeding an existing lawn, the methodology remains very simple but it is the timing that is more critical, as is the choice of grass types!

    lawn seeding for new development

    Perfect Ground Solutions also prides itself in interrogating the soil type and texture present and giving an honest appraisal of the type of lawn that can be achieved. There are many soil types in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex, with a wide range of water holding capacity, lawn seeding company Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshirenutrition and pH levels. The advantage of using seed instead of turf means that we can tailor the correct grass seed types to suit.

    When constructing a new lawn, we will ideally prepare the surface in advance as this often involves us importing new soil which ideally will be allowed to settle. It is difficult to consolidate soil quickly without causing compaction problems which will have a longer-term effect on the lawn. Ideally, we will prepare the surface and allow a few weeks for it to settle before seeding at the correct time.

    Lawn construction company near me - seeding grass

    More often, we will be overseeding existing lawns. There are a variety of ways for this to happen, but it is important to understand that the seed needs to be in contact with the soil and covered up so that it can germinate quickly, thus regenerating a lawn rapidly.

    Often this process will be preceded by scarifying, but we can talk youlawn construction and seeding specialists through the best way forward for your particular lawn.

    Once we have reseeded or overseeded a lawn, we can work out a programme for you to make sure that it establishes well and creates a lovely but sustainable surface.

    If the conditions are not suitable, we can cover an overseeded area with a membrane to help protect it from the weather.

    lawn recovery

    Perfect Ground Solutions can not only reproduce amenity lawn surfaces but we are involved in an increasing large number of projects where we are using taller indigenous grasses that we can manage so that they will stand for the whole year producing a colourful range of flower heads as shown in this picture. These grasses are ideal for lower maintenance areas or areas under trees or in difficult to get at corners.They are also ideal for where bulbs are grown as the grasses grow up after the bulbs have flowered and cover up the bulb stems so that they can mature throughout the summer without looking tatty!

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