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Lawn Care Treatment Services - Introduction

For many of us, having a nice, luscious, crisp lawn for play, recreation or entertaining friends and family, is the finishing touch to your garden. Perfect Ground Solutions has many years of experience in helping clients create, improve and renovate their lawn.

We view our activities as a "partnership" with our clients, as we can help with many aspects such as nutrition and weed control, but we also make sure we are available for advice relating to cutting frequency and height or any other cultural activities that may be relevant.

Perfect Ground Solutions are based in Ware and provide lawn-care treatment services throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex. As a totally independent company, we are able to tailor-make programmes to match the dynamic nature of the seasons and also the variability of soil types across the regions in which we operate.

Each year is very different and we have to proactively adapt our programmes to get the best out of the weather or to help the grass plants throughout stressful periods. You will not find us putting solid fertilisers onto sun-burnt brown lawns!

Every lawn is different, as they vary in age:

There is also variation in the uses of lawns, from providing provision for children to play in with pets, to the more formal lawns, used to entertain family and relax in.

We have been operating for over ten years and have built up a very good geographical knowledge of the region in which we operate together with systems that allow us to get the most out of its lawns.

Providing Lawn Care starts with an informal visit and a chat so that we can have a good look at your lawn, the soil type, the shade and other variables. From there, we can suggest a package moving forwards that may involve some form of renovation, such as scarification, aeration, reseeding or just gradual work on improving the nutrition and weed control and also advice on how the lawn is currently being managed by yourself or your gardener.

If you are happy with the suggestions, we work on a non-contract basis with no fees up-front. Each visit is invoiced after completion electronically if possible as we pride ourselves on being almost paper free.

All the materials that we use are totally safe to children and pets and where any renovation works are carried out, we offer to remove all the resulting waste.

Contact us today for some helpful and friendly advice on how to improve your lawn's health and to find out more about our lawn care treatment services, please request a quote or call us on 01920 461 958. Alternatively, find out more about us.


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