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Lawn Nutrition, Feed and Fertiliser: Spring, Summer & Autumn

Perfect Ground Solutions are specialists in helping you choose the right lawn feed and fertiliser, that provides the ongoing nutrition that your lawn needs – this is the basis for having and maintaining a healthy, green, crisp luscious lawn.

Your lawn is made up of many small grass plants which, like all plants, need a balanced diet of nutrients for them to thrive, throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn months. Bright green, strong leaves – that form your overall lawn - can be achieve with careful planning, lawn feed and fertiliser – most importantly, the foundation of your lawn will help it maintain its strength throughout the Winter, when most lawn suffer from adverse conditions.

With so many lawn feeds and fertilisers, available to choose from, special care – by a lawn nutrition expert – needs to be taken to ensure that they are applied uniformly, at the correct rate and especially, at the right time of the year.

Perfect Ground Solutions constantly changes the nutritional ratios of our bespoke grass fertilisers, to make sure your lawn remains at its best, regardless of the weather, timer of the year and soil type.

In the autumn we aim to:

  • Build on grass-root growth
  • Thicken grass-leaf cell walls
  • Help protect the grass plants over winter#
  • Maintain a deep, green colour

In the spring, we build on this to:

  • Promote fresh leaf growth, that results in a strong green colour
  • Help the plant replace vital reserves that are lost over the winter

Once Spring and Summer have passed if dry patches or dead grass are present we can help you purchase the grass seed you need from a reputable supplier and sow them just at the right time – including scarifying and aerating the ground, if necessary.

For a consultation on how we can help with feeding your lawn, its nutritional quality and applying grass fertilisation, contact us today, call us on 01920 461958, or request a quote. Alternatively, find out more about us.


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