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    Good preparation is the key to a sustainable lawn

    lawn installation and construction

    Lawn Construction

    Perfect Ground Solutions builds and constructs many lawns. Often builders or hard landscapers do not have the equipment or the experience to carry out such work.

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    The most important aspect of this type of work is to get the planning started early. It is a weather dependant job and can only be done when the conditions are correct which in the main means dry! Ideally, we carry out this type of work in the late summer when the conditions are good and grass seed is biologically geared to germinate, not spring like many think.

    The first job we carry out will be a detailed look at the soil available and decide on the best route forward to prepare the surface or bring in fresh soil.

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    If irrigation is to be installed, this is when it should be done, before the top surface is prepared. If topsoil is to be brought in, whether it is half a tonne or several hundred tonnes, we work hard to make sure the soil being used is of a suitable match and quality.

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    Once all the soil is in or the existing soil broken up, we will then prepare the surface and ideally, will leave this to settle for a bit. Although we can consolidate the soil if it is very dry, this is often not the case and we would ideally let nature do the best job.

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    Whether we are seeding the lawn or turfing, the planning and preparation are the key aspects. With a good understanding of the soil types and conditions available, timing can be planned and it is then a simple job to create a healthy and sustainable lawn.

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