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Lawn Maintenance Services

Perfect Ground Solutions are an professional lawn treatment company with vast experience in construction, renovating and managing domestic and commercial lawn areas.

We work with commercial and domestic clients throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex providing friendly advice and assistance in all areas of lawn maintenance. As a totally independent company, can be flexible to suit each individual customers needs and vary our programmes to suit each years different seasonal weather and the local soil types.

Caring for your lawn during diverse seasonal weather is vital, we aim to keep our clients up to date with how they should look after their lawn as the weather patterns change and alter our own activities to match.

What type of lawn care or treatment can we help with?

Starting with an informal, no obligation chat, we’ll work with you to plan a maintenance programme of lawn services that suit your requirements and budget. Unlike others, we don’t operate a fixed package as this often doesn’t suit all lawns and all seasons. Instead, we will provide you with a bespoke plan, which we will update as the seasonal weather dictates.

A comment we hear often is "our lawn is a right mess and needs replacing". When we reply "No, you don't, it just needs maintaining well!" they’re surprised! When we set about devising a plan to rejuvenate it, for a fraction of the cost of replacement, they’re often delighted!

As grass care and lawn treatment specialists, we help clients bring the greenness back into their gardens.

Spring and summer lawn care visits – focus on balancing nutrition, growth rates and managing weeds - see additional tips for March, April and late Spring here.

Autumn and winter lawn care visits – focus on renovation issues, resolving soil problems (such as the pH), over-seeding and lawn moss removal.


Contact us today to chat about getting your lawn back to its former glory, call us on 01920 461 958, request a quote or find out more about us.


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