Lawn Replacement Hertfordshire


Lawn replacement Hertfordshire

Lawn Replacement Hertfordshire

At Perfect Ground Solutions we have dealt with numerous Lawn replacement projects all over Hertfordshire and beyond. Areas include; Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage, Ware, Hatfield, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Letchworth, Hertford and Sawbridgeworth

Unfortunately, we often have to replace a lawn because builders or landscapers have laid a lawn previously, and, due to their lack of knowledge and proper understanding of lawn construction, the lawn has subsequently died or become very course and patchy.

It is regularly the case that the only way to fix the problem is to replace the lawn entirely.

This begins with the initial deconstruction and removal of your old lawn. This isn’t always needed but can often be required. After this has been completed, there are several elements to be considered when it comes to replacing your lawn.


Time of Year

Despite most misconceptions, lawns cannot be simply laid or replaced at any time of year. The conditions need to be just right, and the grass seed needs to be ready to germinate. If a lawn is replaced at the wrong time of year or under the wrong conditions, they are generally highly prone to further problems. This can include drying out, dying or becoming very course and patchy.

In Hertfordshire, lawns should ideally be replaced in late summer only. Grass seed naturally germinates in late summer, therefore giving your lawn the best possible start.



The soil on which a lawn sits is the most important element for its future survival and stability. We start with a soil test to get an understanding of the soil type under your lawn. This tells us whether new topsoil will be required or if the existing soil will be good enough to sustain a new lawn.

When replacing lawns, one of the main causes is that it dries out, in which case we can suggest whether or not irrigation is required. This is always best done at the construction stage.


Surface Preparation

After we have completed laying the new topsoil, or once we have finished breaking up the old lawn the preparation of the surface can begin. This process is often best left to nature but, depending on timescale, can be manually sped up. When the surface is ready the laying of the replacement lawn itself is a relatively quick and simple process.


If you are based anywhere in Hertfordshire and want to know more about replacing your lawn, or if you’d like to know if it will need to be replaced, please get in touch today.