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    Turfing is a great way to get an instant lawn and if the surface it is to be laid upon is prepared correctly and the turf treated with respect, it can produce an instant but sustainable and healthy lawn.

    Perfect Ground Solutions carry out a large amount of turf laying for domestic and commercial customers.

    Initially, we will begin with a site visit to have a look at the substrate that the turf will be laid on and suggest the best way to prepare the surface and or which soils to bring in to level or build up the surface.

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    It is very important to prepare the ground properly and to use the correct soil type to suit the area. As there is not really a commonly used specification for topsoil. It is often rubbish that has been dug from a building site and then put through a grader/crusher before being sold on.

    Good quality topsoil will come from a known source and will be free from contaminants and rubbish.

    Here we are levelling an area prior to laying turf on a surface that was prepared and left to settle for two weeks.

    Timing is important when laying turf. We have to realise that to lift/harvest the turf, the roots are cut off and therefore any moisture that the turf gets will initially be provided by water supplied from either rain or a hosepipe as there are no roots to gain moisture from the soil. This means it is not advisable to plan to turf when the weather is likely to be hot, but this may be an ideal time to prepare the surface whilst it is dry.

    When turf has been laid, it is important to look after it properly for the first few weeks. There are strange myths about the fact it needs to be almost flooded which is not true at all and this is deleterious. Many books also state that you should not put on any fertiliser. Simply speaking, the plants will be desperate for nutrition, but it must be the correct type in the correct formulation.

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    There are also some foliar diseases which can cause issues with turf soon after it is laid, especially in the autumn. Perfect Ground Solutions can help you out with all aspects of the planning and aftercare of new lawn or turf.

    Drop us a call on 01920 461 958 or email us on info@perfectgroundsolutions.co.uk to arrange your free consultation today!

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