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    Sports Pitch Renovation & Maintenance

    Sports surface renovation and maintenance is a very important issue to those who use them! Whether it is a high-quality sports pitch or a local recreation area, sports turf needs to be maintained so that it can be used competitively or just for fun. Correctly maintained surfaces will be more robust and will therefore be available for more days throughout the year.


    Sports pitch maintenance and care Hertfordshire Essex and Bedfordshire


    Sports turf renovation / maintenance can involve a wide range of cultural and chemical applications throughout the year, or just simply occasional applications to control weeds or to apply some nutrition.

    Perfect Ground Solutions Ltd carry out a range of applications to sports surfaces throughout Hertfordshire and Essex as well as regular advice. We carry out a significant amount of selective weed control and nutrition application to all winter pitches as well as renovations to cricket wickets and bowls greens and in conjunction with our partners, a range of vertidraining and overseeding activities on winter pitches.


    football and sports pitch renovation


    Applications to Sports Pitches are sometimes required when conditions underfoot are soft, using quad bikes, we can carry out spray applications with a very light footprint, reducing compaction and damage.

    Many people now find the complication of licensing and purchasing a difficult issue and as sprayer application specialists; we can easily take away the complications leaving you with the knowledge that all applications to your sports pitches are carried out in an accurate and timely fashion.

    Sports turf renovation and management need not be a complicated and expensive process, as a sports turf company, we look to provide help and assistance on a flexible basis, allowing you to get on with the important job of enjoying your sport!

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    Throughout the year sports turf surfaces endure wear and tear from both excessive use and poor weather conditions. Regular maintenance can add life to and restore worn sports surfaces to provide high performance all year round.

    To discuss your requirements, please call us on 01920 461 958 or email info@perfectgroundsolutions.co.uk.


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    Throughout the year sports turf surfaces endure wear and tear from both excessive use and poor weather conditions. ...
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