Lawn Replacement Bedfordshire


Lawn replacement Bedfordshire

Lawn Replacement Bedfordshire

Perfect Ground Solutions are experienced in Lawn replacement across Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. Areas include; Woburn, Pavenham, Arlesey and Bedford.

Often builders or landscapers simply lack the knowledge or expertise to carry out lawn construction properly and as a result you can easily be left with a dead or very sparse, patchy lawn.

In many instances, the only real answer is to replace the lawn entirely.

There are a number of factors to consider when looking at replacing a lawn, all of which we have expert knowledge and understanding of. The first is of course the deconstruction and removal of your old lawn should that be needed.


Time of Year

One of the key factors in properly replacing a lawn is when it is done. Conditions need to be right and the timing of grass seed germination is highly important.

The area needs to be dry and grass seed is biologically set to germinate in late summer. Therefore, we always recommend that throughout the county of Bedfordshire, that lawns are replaced in late summer only.



The soil under a lawn is the most important and most key factor in its growth and future stability. We will always start by testing the soil under your lawn to determine whether topsoil needs to be brought in or not.

This will also tell us if there needs to be irrigation or drainage built in too. Doing it at this stage, before the topsoil is laid, is imperative. Retro-fitting irrigation is a very difficult and sometimes impossible job.


Surface Preparation

After new topsoil is laid or the old surface soil is broken up we can then prepare the surface for your new lawn. This can require a period of drying, levelling and consolidating after which the laying and construction of your new lawn is a relatively simple process.


If you would like to know more about replacing your lawn anywhere in Bedfordshire, or if you’d like to talk to us to find out if your lawn might need replacing, please get in touch today.