Weed Control Hertfordshire


Weed Control Hertfordshire

Weed Control Hertfordshire

Weed control and lawn care services in Hertfordshire. Covering Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Bishops Stortford, Welwyn Garden City and many more.

Whatever the size of your garden might be, weeds can be a constant and continual issue and at almost any time of year. Causing large scale damage if allowed to proliferate on lawns, weeds can leave bare, dead or ugly patches which can take a long time to recover after the weeds are removed if they are not dealt with soon enough.

Based in the county of Hertfordshire, here at Perfect Ground Solutions our team have been providing a variety of lawn care and weed control services for decades between them.

Regardless of size and condition, we can ensure that your lawn is restored to a weed-free and healthy state long-term. We are not advocates for quick fixes or the heavy use of chemicals. We prefer traditional, natural methods wherever they can be employed. It is our priority to always focus on controlling your weeds. This will lead, naturally to improving the quality of your lawn for the future, helping it to last as long as possible with the minimum of upkeep.



The family of plants referred to as weeds can be found in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Most of which are simple to remove using professional herbicides.

Such species can grow extremely fast and take over lawns within a matter of weeks. As well as ruining the aesthetic impression of your lawn, they can cause long term damage and scarring to an otherwise good-looking lawn.

Our team are highly experienced and come armed with a wide and extensive knowledge of all common weed varieties. We are skilled and completely up to speed with the latest techniques and approaches to their control. We cover the entire county of Hertfordshire and we are always happy to come out to see your lawn. When at your premises we look to give the lawn our honest appraisal and recommendations for controlling your weeds and restoring the health of your lawn.


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