Weed Identification


weed identification guide with pictures
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Weed Identification

Weed identification can be tricky, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. Some weeds are more common than others, with some preferring wet and shady conditions and others preferring dry and light areas.

Don't be put off if weeds start to grow in your garden from time to time. Certain wild weeds will flourish depending on the weather and soil conditions and you can tackle these weeds in different ways based on how they grow. As always, we would recommend seeking professional guidance before tackling any major weed problem you have in your garden.

Find out more about our weed control and removal services, hard surface removal and selective weed removal.

Here is a full list of the most common weeds found in the UK with images and description.

broad leaved dock weed identification

Broad-Leaved Dock [Rumexobtusifolius]

Broad-leaved dock is a perennial weed most commonly found in neglected lawns and rough grassland. The plants have very deep tap roots enabling them to survive drought and poor nutrition soil types. Permanent control is not complicated provided that the timing of herbicide application is correct. ...
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