How to Get Rid of Coarse Grasses from Lawns

We get asked to look at lawns that have tussocky patches in them and are no longer meeting the client’s needs. This is often due to the ingress of coarse wild grasses (such as cocksfoot and soft brome).
The seed has usually been brought in by birds or the wind over time. These indigenous weed grasses are often more vigorous than the amenity grasses used for high quality lawns and so they grow faster and create the tussocky patches.

Japanese Knotweed Facts – it’s origin, the law & eating it!

So what are the basic facts about Japanese Knotweed that creates such alarm and fear within the media?

Japanese Knotweed is simply a plant that was imported by the Victorians because it was aesthetically pleasing and robust. As it turns out, its root or more correctly its “rhizome” system is very vigorous and can potentially penetrate structures if it can gain entry via existing cracks…