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Local Lawn Specialist Essex

Perfect Ground Solutions are your local lawn specialist. We service Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. Our highly qualified team have many years of experience in helping you to create a perfect lawn.

Creating, managing and maintaining your lawn can be a time consuming and frustrating task. Especially when you aren’t sure what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Here at Perfect Ground Solutions, not only do we schedule regular visits to maintain your lawn, we also teach you how to sustain it yourself (if you so wish). This means your lawn will be in peak condition throughout the whole year.

As local lawn specialists, there are a number of techniques we can adopt when looking at a treatment plan for your lawn.

We have a range of lawn care management programmes and here are some of our client’s most common requirements:

Moss Control - Moss thrives in shade on areas that a prone to poor nutrition and waterlogging. Effective moss control requires a combination of mechanical and chemical applications.  This treatment is particularly important during the winter and early spring months when we experience damp and cold weather.

Lawn Weed Control - Alongside moss, weeds are the greatest problem in lawns. We use professional products to control even the most stubborn weeds. All our weed killers are ‘non-residual’ meaning there is no toxin build up in the soil.

Fertilise & Seeding - To keep a lawn in good condition it is important to monitor and fertilise the soil. Fertilisers deliver important nutrients to the soil, adding to what is already there. In healthy soil, this means other organic matter such as fallen leaves, grass clippings, and minerals. Fertilising is recommended early (September- November) so that grass seeds and new roots have the best chance when applied.

Cultural Treatments - Over time your lawn builds up a layer of thatch. If this thatch becomes too dense it can limit the movement of water, air, nutrients and fertiliser that your lawn relies on. Removing thatch is easy when using a scarifier or aerator. Scarifying and aerating the lawn before winter means that your lawn enters the harsh weather months being well cared for and prepped for spring.

Soil Treatment – Alongside fertilising and scarifying it is also important to monitor the health and PH level within your soil. Organic matter, minerals and plant extracts play a valuable and sustainable role in improving conditions for lawn health and this is something we work to improve and keep in balance all year round.

If you are interested in finding out more about our specialist lawn care plans, please contact us on 01920 461 958 or visit our contact page for further details.