Laying Turf – Advice & Presentation given to Company in Bedford & St Albans


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Laying Turf - Advice & Presentation given to Company in Bedford & St Albans

On Friday 20th Feb 2014, I had a great time giving a talk to George Davies Turf, a very efficient Turf Supplier based in Bedford and St Albans.

This particular turf supplier wanted to make sure that their staff were well informed in issues relating to laying turf, the turfs subsequent management, to make sure it maintained its appearance and ultimately delivers to the customer a lawn they can be proud of!

A simple PowerPoint presentation of do's and don'ts prompted a good discussion on how they can help their clients make sure that they are informed in avoiding pitfalls in different areas, on different soil types and in different seasons.

I take great pleasure in helping those who want to make sure that work is carried out properly. I found it fascinating that this turfing supplier were excited about the thought of thinking differently about what turf actually is.

I reminded them that it is not a small square of lawn, it is rather a "Tray of Sophisticated Plants, Grown in a Hi-Tech System".

We spent a lot of time discussing Grass Diseases, Lawn Pests and Lawn Weeds as well as how to tailor advice to suit different seasons.

I enjoyed the talk immensely! There's nothing like sharing your knowledge with those that are as passionate about a topic as you are smile 🙂

We even produced a short video to help them explain how to lay turf for there customers which can be seen here.

If this is something of interest, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.