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So what exactly is lawn scarification?

Lawn or grass scarifiers are simply mechanical rakes designed to remove troublesome moss or “thatch” from the base of grass plants.

Over time, a layer of material such as dead grass and leaves can build up in the base of grass plants which reduces the flow of gases, such as oxygen and nitrogen and prevents water penetration which in turn prevents fertilisers or nutrition from reaching the roots.

Once a thatch layer has been established, it can provide an ideal substrate for moss to grow; again reducing the grass plants ability to compete and allowing continued deterioration.

Scarifying lawns to remove this troublesome thatch is a simple exercise which involves using a grass scarifier to loosen and lift the unwanted material before raking to remove it.

Our grass scarification service

This involves a detailed inspection of your lawn, so that we can prepare it and time the activities to get the best results.

If there’s a significant amount of moss present, we’ll reduce moss using control agents prior to scarifying, as this will improve the end result and reduce the costs of the activity. We can also remove all the resultant waste if required.

Overseeding is often carried out after scarifying, as this allows the introduction of more fresh, vibrant grass types. Carrying out this exercise immediately after scarifying is ideal.

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