Lawn Scarification Hertfordshire


Lawn Scarification Hertfordshire

Lawn Scarification Hertfordshire

Lawn scarification services throughout Hertfordshire. Areas include, but are not limited to; St Albans, Stevenage, Letchworth, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Hitchin and Royston.

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What is lawn scarification and why is it important?

It is relatively common for lawns to suffer from what is referred to as a lawn thatch. This is the name for the build up of dead grass and plant matter at the base of the grasses which can become matted and dense, leading to detrimental effects on the health of your lawn.

This can restrict the flow of essential gasses such as oxygen and nitrogen, damaging grass health. It can also reduce water penetration, this in turn prevents fertilisers and nutrition from reaching the roots.

Over time this can have a severe impact on the health of the lawn, leading to further issues such as moss growth.


Scarifying your lawn

Our team will use a mechanical scarifier to break up and lift the thatch clear of the grass. After which we will rake it away. We always ensure that we collect this waste material and remove it from your property for you.

To start with we conduct a detailed inspection of your lawn to assess the thatch thickness and compaction. This means we can then make recommendations on any treatment that would be advisable before scarification is started. We also advise on the best timing for the process, to ensure the best chance of achieving the intended outcome.

As part of the process of scarifying, the soil surface will be exposed. Therefore, we typically recommend that overseeding is carried out immediately afterwards. This will encourage and aid the growth of new and vibrant grass types helping to refresh the lawn.

Overseeding is best done at specific times of the year in order to help it progress. Most often we would undertake this kind of activity in later summer or early autumn, as this is when the weather conditions are most favourable. This means that the new seeding will bed in and grow quickly, helping the lawn to recover faster and with better long-term effects.


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