Lawn Scarification Essex


Lawn Scarification Essex

Lawn Scarification Essex

Lawn scarification services in Essex. Here are some of the areas we service; Harlow, Brentwood, Basildon, Colchester, Southend, Chelmsford and Dunmow.

We service the whole of Essex, so even if you do not see your location listed, does not mean we do not service your area. Get in touch and book a free consultation.


What is lawn scarification and why do you need to scarify your lawn?

Lawns, especially those that are older or less-regularly maintained, can suffer from what is referred to as a lawn thatch. This is the term given to a build up of dead plant matter at the base of the grasses.

Lawn thatches restrict the flow of important gasses such as oxygen and nitrogen as well as blocking light, all of which are essential to grass health. Water penetration is also restricted, which can dry the soil below as well as the thatch itself preventing fertilisers and nutrition from reaching the roots.

This can have a significant detrimental impact on the health of the lawn and allowing ingress of issues such as moss growth. Lawn thatch can be very thick and compact and require breaking up with specialist equipment.


Scarifying your lawn

Scarification is a relatively simple process. A scarifier, which is basically a mechanical rake, is used to break up and lift the thatch clear of the grass. After which we then manually rake it away, collect and remove it from your property for you.

The process starts with a detailed inspection of your lawn, allowing us to make any recommendations on treatment before scarification begins. Sometimes lawns can benefit from chemical treatment beforehand to kill of weeds or reduce moss coverage. It also allows us to advise on suitable timing of the process. All of which helps us to have the best chance of achieving the optimal results.

Scarifying exposes the soil surface, as such, we normally recommend that overseeding follows immediately on from the completion of the process. This encourages the growth of new and vibrant grass types, aiding the recovery process.

The timing of overseeding is important, generally we recommend that this kind of activity is undertaken in later summer or early autumn, as this is when weather conditions are typically on our side. The result is that the new seeding will bed in and grow quickly, speeding the lawn recovery.


Talk to us today

If you are based in Essex or the surrounding area and want more information or would like to discuss whether or not your lawn could benefit from scarification, please get in touch with us today.

We’re always happy to talk you through the process and give our honest and professional advice.