Japanese Knotweed Control Essex


Japanese Knotweed Control Essex

Japanese Knotweed Control Essex


What is Japanese Knotweed and What Does it Do?

Japanese Knotweed is a vigorous plant which escaped cultivation in the late nineteenth century and became an aggressive urban and rural invader. It spreads rapidly and sprouts tall stems with wide leaves and suppresses all surrounding plant growth.

It is particularly difficult to kill as it lays deep root systems called rhizomes from which fresh growths sprout yearly.

The root systems can go as deep as three meters and over seven meters across. They can damage house foundations if they are close to buildings and drainage systems, patios, driveways and walls can also be severely effected by the roots of this rapidly growing plant.

It will also kill off other plants and trees around it as its aggressive growth and root systems overshadow and strangle those of others nearby.

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Removing or Controlling Japanese Knotweed

From a legal perspective it is not illegal for you to have Japanese Knotweed on your property. It can however become a legal issue if it is allowed to spread beyond your property into those of your neighbours.

There are numerous methods by which to eradicate Japanese Knotweed but some are more invasive than others and once it has taken root it is notoriously hard to destroy.

Chemical and herbicidal treatments are generally cheaper and less drastic as a method of control. However, they can take some time to completely kill off the weed, up to five years in some cases. When the invasion is substantial or causing major damage excavation can often be a preferable method. However, this can be costly and will still require the excavated area to be chemically treated to eradicate the chance of regrowth.

We at Perfect Ground Solutions are Knotweed specialists and will always start with an assessment of the scale of your problem before we suggest the most suitable solution. We do not offer Knotweed removal ourselves, so we’ll refer you on to someone should that be the most appropriate method of control.

Our focus is always to provide the most effective method, the least invasive and the most cost-effective. Our experts know how to apply herbicide to ensure it is most potent at destroying the weed and not killing off other areas of your garden.


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