Creating a new lawn in Stevenage

Creating New Lawns

Levelling ground for new turf in Stevenage Hertfordshire

Creating new lawns in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Perfect Ground Solutions constructs all types and sizes of lawns to create the perfect outdoor space for your home, often working alongside landscapers or garden designers. We can then maintain them for you, to ensure they remain fed and looked after, especially during the Spring and Summer months, when you may entertain guests in your garden.

We renovate existing lawns wherever we can, but sometimes lawns move locations or a new lawn is required, therefore we are able to provide advice on all aspects of lawn construction and renovation.

The first step is to investigate the existing soil to depth. To get the perfect growing conditions for your lawn, we may need to remove some of the existing substrate and / or bring in fresh top soil. We also look to make sure that the soil microflora is in good health, which is a key part of rapid and sustainable development.

Where required, we will look to add additional bio stimulants and in some cases add additional microflora, to improve soil health rapidly.

You can see this below, where we are creating a small lawn for a client.

Groudworks levelling and new lawn laid









The ground will be levelled and gently consolidated in preparation for seeding or turfing. Generally, we would prefer to use seed as this reduces the cost to the client and also allows us to choose the best varieties of grass for any given location, use or other requirements. However, we are more than happy to turf areas, if an instant finish is required.


Ground treatment and lay lawn for new family home.










Perfect Ground Solutions creates new, vibrant, luscious and aesthetically-pleasing lawns in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex. Contact us today to discuss creating you a new lawn. If you already have a budget and know roughly what you want, please request a quote. Alternatively, find out more about us.


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