Lawn Mowing Tips – Spring to Summer Advice

Now that Spring is creeping up on us, we have to consider how we go about mowing our lawn! Mistakes are often made on cut height and timing which can cause stress to the lawn and detract from it’s health and appearance.

I tend to think of a lawn not as a single “entity” but more of a large flower bed full of “grass plants”. We have to remember that these plants were not designed to be “cut” – they are on this planet for only two reasons: to flower and produce seed in an attempt to reproduce.

Japanese Knotweed Facts – it’s origin, the law & eating it!

So what are the basic facts about Japanese Knotweed that creates such alarm and fear within the media?

Japanese Knotweed is simply a plant that was imported by the Victorians because it was aesthetically pleasing and robust. As it turns out, its root or more correctly its “rhizome” system is very vigorous and can potentially penetrate structures if it can gain entry via existing cracks…

Lawn Weeds – It’s Spring & they’re growing! How do I get rid of them?

Weeds such as dandelions are very prominent in the Spring and quickly flower making themselves very visible. They’re often complimented by others such as Daises, Speedwells and Celandines!

Some of the weeds in your lawn will be perennial plants such as buttercups (below). These will…

Lawn Dry Patches

During last summer after a very dry spring, many lawns were blighted by dry patches where the grass plants appeared to have died out. We looked at many areas where overseeding had been tried but to no effect.

The main reason for these patches was a phenomenon known as “dry patch”. Dry patches are partly caused by the presence of waxy resins which are caused by naturally occurring soil fungi…